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Petroteps, the pump professionals

In-house engineering & manufacturing

As a manufacturer we partner with customers around the world to create and provide all kinds of equipment and parts. Our highly skilled engineering staff are very experienced at:

  • translating your requirements and specifications into custom-made solutions
  • adding value to the supply chain by reverse engineering existing components in order to deliver quality finished products at a better price
  • refurbishing your used pumps and valves to an “as good as new” state

All parts can be developed and manufactured in full compliance with applicable standards. To illustrate our manufacturing process, here’s a brief overview of home-made items we regularly supply to our customers.

Pumps and pump parts

  • Centrifugal, vertical, plunger, triplex, duplex pumps
  • Both API and non-API
  • Replacement parts including shafts, wear rings, seals, impellers, soft goods, etc.

Standard valves and control valves

  • Many different types, including gates, global, ball, check, etc.
  • Both API and non-API
  • Replacement parts, valve stems, housings, accessories, etc.

Thanks to the wide range of products, we are able to find a solution from simple to complicated problems of our customers.


We improve the flow of your process

Our mission

By supplying high-quality products and services Petroteps aims to help contractors, service providers and end-users in the petrochemical, offshore and similar industries to be successful in their businesses. To this end our primary mission is to improve the flow of customer processes.

Our vision

The gas and oil industry is − and will continue to be − a dynamic playing field where quality, safety and reliability are critical to lasting success. The many challenges involved can only be overcome with the help of alert and experienced suppliers prepared to go the extra mile for their customers.

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